RHOSLC LIVE reunion – Heather gives real emotional reaction to BFF Jen Shah’s jail sentence in tense moment with Andy

PART ONE of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) reunion aired on Wednesday, revealing how the women are handling the sentencing of co-star Jen Shah.

Jen was found guilty of fraud and money laundering earlier this month after a lengthy legal battle.

This scenario was explored on the show and the women revealed at the meeting how shocked they were that Jen had been sentenced.

Heather Gay revealed to host Andy Cohen how the news impacted her.

She said of the guilty verdict “I just felt sadness and grief.”

Many other shocking revelations surfaced in the first episode, including a call from Jen to clarify accusations that she was spreading rumors and Heather’s lies about her black eye.

After assuming that Jen caused the injury, Heather finally admitted that she passed out and had no idea what the black eye looked like.

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  • Jen Shah is from Salt Lake City

    Jen Shah, 49, is a reality TV star on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

    She is of Tongan and Hawaiian descent and grew up in Salt Lake City.

    Shah grew up a Mormon but converted to Islam when she learned of the historic mistreatment of black people in her previous religion.

    Shah joined The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City family in the first season in November 2020.

  • A shortened season

    Season 3 ran for 14 episodes before the finale in December 2022.

    The season was eight episodes shorter than the previous season, leading fans to speculate that the storylines surrounding Jen could have been cut.

    A fan on Reddit said, “I think Jen’s trial was supposed to take place during the original filming dates, but was pushed back (then she pleaded guilty).”

  • The RHOSLC star wasn’t in the Season 3 finale

    Jen Shah was not present for the filming of the Season 3 finale, disappointing fans who were ready for an emotional fireworks display.

    On Instagram, the star said: “I made it clear to Bravo that out of respect for the courts and a permanent court order, I would not be able to discuss anything related to my legal case or my conviction. .”

    The star said Bravo treated his court appearance as a “script.”

    Bravo attempted to arrange a one-on-one between Jen and host Andy Cohen, but plans fell apart after Jen’s legal team advised against the sit-down.

  • Learn more about Jen Shah’s trial

    Jen Shah was arrested on March 30, 2021 for fraud and money laundering.

    In April of that year, she pleaded not guilty, which was a pivotal storyline in the series.

    In July 2022, she pleaded guilty to a count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud as part of a deal with federal prosecutors.

    On January 6, 2023, Shah was found guilty of the fraud charges against her.

    She was sentenced to six and a half years behind bars, as well as five years of probation.

  • Why was Jen Shah not present?

    Fans who watched the first part of the RHOSLC Season 3 reunion noticed the absence of Jen Shah.

    Andy addressed Jen’s absence, saying: “We invited her to be here but unfortunately her legal team advised her not to come today.”

    Shah called to address the rumors but skipped the in-person meeting due to his legal battles.

    Jen explained to her supporters last month that she would not be attending as advised by her lawyers.

    She said at the time: “I was clear with Bravo that out of respect for the courts and a permanent court order, I would not be able to discuss anything related to my legal case or my conviction. “

  • Fans react to Heather’s explosive confession

    In one of the most shocking moments of the night, Heather admitted she lied about how she got her black eye.

    Fans are taking to Twitter to express their thoughts on his confession.

    One viewer tweeted, “The way Heather allows Jen’s behavior is very weird. Does Jen have anything on her? It’s weird loyalty.”

    Another added: “Oh STOP Heather you were and are so EXTRA and ridiculous about that black eye!

    At first, I was shocked and worried. NOW… girl, goodbye. You needed a script, but you dragged it out too long. Nobody cares now!”

  • When the second part will be broadcast

    Tonight kicked off the RHOSLC season three reunion.

    Many revelations have come to light, including Heather’s bombshell that she lied knowing how she got a black eye.

    Part two of the reunion will air next Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

  • Did Jen hit Heather?

    The women on the couch asked if they thought Jen hit Heather, which got her a black eye.

    Andy asked Heather if she thought Jen did it and she reiterated that she had no idea.

    Heather revealed that she called Jen the next day to help her find a blanket.

    Whitney, Angie K and Dana speculated that there had been an accident causing the black eye or that Jen had hit her.

    Angie K joked that she had heard rumors of sex between Heather and Jen which may have also caused the black eye.

  • Heather apologizes

    Heather apologized for lying about her black eye and admitted the reason she wasn’t honest was because she was ashamed.

    She said: “It was humiliating. I don’t want to pass out. I don’t want to get drunk and pass out and have no memory of it, it’s terrifying. … for me, I have a lot of Mormon shame at the thought of drinking, and I’ve dealt with a lot of that on the show and now it’s public and now I wake up with no friend in the world with a giant black eye.”

    She added, “I woke up to a very, very stressful situation with so much shame and humiliation and no way to hide it.”

  • Heather tackles black eye

    Footage from the girl’s trip revealed that Heather told mixed stories about her black eye.

    Andy addressed the lies and Heather admitted she passed out and didn’t know how she hurt herself.

    Heather said she lied: “Because I was afraid they (his classmates) would rewrite the narrative if I said I didn’t know, they could say whatever they wanted.”

  • Angie H revealed that Jen slammed Heather behind her back

    Angie H revealed that Jen told her Heather’s business was in trouble.

    She also revealed texts from Jen saying she was going to “expose” Heather.

  • Angie H addresses the drama during the trip

    Heather defended Jen by pouring champagne over Angie’s head and said she saw the humor when she watched the show.

    Angie H also revealed, “To be totally honest, I think Jen wanted me in the band but with conditions, and I kind of had to stay here on a leash.”

    Lisa also claimed that Jen wouldn’t let her text Angie K.

  • Lisa accuses Angie’s husband of ‘trolling’

    After a heated back and forth, Lisa shot Angie K, “you’re trying to ignore the fact that your husband trolled me.”

  • Angie K said she never spread rumors about Lisa

    Angie revealed that she never spread rumors about Lisa.

    Lisa also denied creating Instagram accounts to troll Angie.

  • Angie H, Angie K and Dana walk into the meeting

    The three women joined Andy and the rest of the housewives on the couch.

    Dana revealed that she originally loved Jen, but after seeing how she treated some women, it changed the way she sees her.

    When asked why she told Jen she was friends with an informant, “I was hoping maybe she could be like I don’t know maybe admit it early on. Talk about that. Go there. Assume your responsibilities.

  • Lisa gets emotional

    Lisa revealed she was “devastated” by the loss of her friendship with Meredith.

    She added that what hurt her the most was when her husband John was brought into the fight and broke down in tears.

  • Jen Shah enters the chat!

    Meredith called Jen Shah to clarify the rumors about her pills.

    Jen denied saying the rumors and Lisa shot back that she wouldn’t go to jail for lying.

    Lisa slammed Meredith, “Name some names. … I’ve never said that before. Never. It’s funny that you believe someone who goes to jail for lying to me.

  • Does Meredith have a pill problem?

    Lisa has responded to her previous claims that Meredith “takes pills.”

    She revealed: “Jen told me they took pills. She told me you both were ketamine or something.

    Meredith was shocked by the accusations and called the claims “vile”.

  • What are the rumors about Lisa B?

    Whitney clarified rumors that Lisa traded sex for admission tickets.

    She also defended herself for starting the rumors and revealed that Meredith told her about the tickets on the court.

    Lisa B added that she didn’t believe Whitney would make up rumors about her and the women argued over whether Whitney or Meredith were responsible for spreading the rumours.

  • Meredith and Lisa B address the drama

    Meredith reveals that she didn’t contact Lisa for her birthday, they didn’t speak.

    “My problems with Lisa today have nothing to do with her childish temper tantrum. How many times do I have to say the same thing?”

    She explained, “After Arizona, we were in a neutral space. Let’s hope for a positive movement forward.

    Shortly after, I found out that Lisa had deleted me from her Instagram account.”

    Meredith also added that she was hurt that Lisa didn’t reach out after her father’s tragic passing.

  • Women react to Jen’s absence

    The women share with Andy their reactions to Jen Shah’s sentencing and her absence from the meeting.

    Lisa B. said, “I have mixed emotions. Like I think in many ways, I think it would be great to have Jen here just so we can talk things over and just you know basically get some closure.

    Whitney added: “I was surprised because all season since she was charged she’s been declaring her innocence and shouting it from the rooftops so I honestly thought she’d go fight it out. ‘at the end.”

    Meredith added: “I was shocked. It’s just not what I expected.

  • Heather Gay reveals her eye took ’10 days’ to heal

    Heather Gay has revealed her eye “took about 10 days” to heal but she “could cover it in makeup”.

  • The sprinter van has arrived

    The housewives arrived at the meeting in a sprinter van.

    The Sprinter vans have seen a lot of airtime this season, as some of the biggest fights have come in one.

  • The ladies are in the makeup room!

    The housewives do their glam for the reunion.

    Andy Cohen made his entrance and debriefed with the women before the show.

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    The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Reunion: Part 1 airs on Bravo NOW!

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