Pamela Anderson Says Tommy Lee ‘Lost Him’ After ‘Baywatch’ Kiss

Pamela Anderson reflects on the devastation caused by her relationship with then-husband Tommy Lee on the set of Baywatch.  (Photo: Pablo Cuadra/FilmMagic)

Pamela Anderson reflects on the devastation caused by her relationship with then-husband Tommy Lee on the set of Baywatch. (Photo: Pablo Cuadra/FilmMagic)

Pamela Anderson is no stranger to jealous husbands and boyfriends, but her ex-husband Tommy Lee’s behavior on the set of Baywatch took it to another level.

The 55-year-old actress, who will soon publish her memoir, I love Pamelaand Netflix documentary, Pamela: a love story, opened up about endemic jealousy in her marriage to the Mötley Crüe drummer in an interview with the Guardian.

“Tommy was so jealous,” Anderson recalled, noting that the rocker would go to the set of Baywatch every day in his Ferrari for “woman’s hour”. “I thought that was love.”

Anderson played lifeguard CJ Parker on the hit show, a role that included the occasional on-screen romantic moment. According to her diary, Lee had a blast following a scene in which she had to kiss co-star David Chokachi, who played her love interest, fellow lifeguard Cody Madison.

“I was supposed to kiss David Chokachi but I didn’t tell Tommy,” Anderson wrote at the time, as revealed by the Guardian. “He lost it. He ransacked my trailer on the set, put his fist in a cupboard. I apologized for not telling him – lying, as he said – and told him that this wouldn’t happen again.”

According to the actress, Lee then drove her car into the makeup trailer and disappeared. Soon after, Anderson tried to overdose on vodka and Advil.

“I wanted it to end many times over,” she noted, adding that her younger brother Gerry confronted Lee in the hospital for ruining his big sister’s life and career. She and Lee eventually divorced in 1998, but they briefly reconciled a decade later.

Following her relationship with Lee, Anderson had several other relationships which she says were filled with jealousy. Ex-husband Kid Rock, whom she married in 2006, was so jealous of her friendship with photographer David LaChapelle that he refused to believe he was gay, Anderson claims. In an effort to save her from the problematic men in her life, LaChapelle and artist Daniel Lismore both offered to marry her, though Anderson turned them down.

“I said, ‘I can’t do this to my mother. I can’t marry my gay best friends,'” she told the Guardian. “David is like, ‘We’ll be together forever. You can do whatever you want, I can do whatever I want, and we’ll be this crazy, interesting couple.'” She and Kid Rock split in the end . year.

There were plenty of other famous suitors who tried to throw their hats into the ring. Anderson once missed a call from John F. Kennedy Jr., but never answered because she was just “too shy”. Sylvester Stallone even offered to buy her an apartment and a Porsche if she was “his #1,” but Anderson refused. “And I was like, ‘Does that mean there’s a No. 2?'”

These days, Anderson is determined to feel comfortable on her own. Now living alone on Vancouver Island, she says she won’t be dating for a while.

“I’m really clear about being alone for at least a year. It’s been scary,” she shared. “I haven’t been around my friends at all either. The ability to be alone is the ability to love, isn’t it? But it will be good for me. I’m going to be able to get through it because now with the documentary and the book, people will see the whole character. And then – maybe – I can become a human being again.

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