Londoners ‘hit hard’ by Covid-like winter virus


Ondoners have been hit hard by a bug that “looks like Covid but isn’t”, according to the research.

INEOS Hygienics research has suggested hundreds of thousands of people were off work last week.

More than half of those surveyed said they had felt “the sickest they have ever been” with a winter bug. Many people have reported feeling sick over the Christmas period and beyond with a bug showing Covid-like symptoms, but later tested negative for the virus.

The research found almost half [49%] of Londoners blame themselves for falling ill this winter, with carefree socializing [36%]poor hand hygiene [29%]a poor diet [25%] and excess alcohol [18%] approaching and during the end of year celebrations.

In the week ending January 7, 2023, INEOS Hygienics saw a 43% increase in sales of its hand hygiene products compared to the previous week, highlighting that people are once again investing more and more in preventive health.

Fran Millar, CEO of the company, said: “More than three quarters [85%] of Londoners fear falling ill again this winter. So if handwashing fatigue has set in in your household, it’s worth remembering that just 30 seconds of regular washing can help ease the feeling of bad weather for weeks.

“With reports of hospitalizations on the rise and increased pressure on the NHS, we need to act quickly to help protect ourselves and the people around us.

“Keeping our hands clean and disinfected is one of the most effective ways we can take to avoid getting sick and stopping the spread of viruses and bacteria.”

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