Girl Wins $48 Million After Having All Her Limbs Amputated

  • A British girl has won a £39 million ($48.3 million) settlement after having all of her limbs amputated.
  • Her family said she was wrongfully discharged from hospital and later developed sepsis.
  • The family’s attorney described her injuries and disabilities as “completely preventable with proper care”.

A British girl has won a £39million ($48.3million) settlement after having all of her limbs amputated following an unjust discharge from hospital.

Lawyers for the unnamed girl said she was taken to Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey, southeast England, with a high fever, drowsiness and vomiting, Metro reported, described as “red flags for meningitis and sepsis”, according to BBC News, but she was discharged with paracetamol.

Her parents returned to the hospital when her condition worsened, where she was diagnosed with meningococcal sepsis and subsequently suffered multiple organ failure.

The severity of her sepsis later caused her to need her four limb amputations, said Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel KC, representing the family, according to the BBC. The girl had above-knee amputations in both legs and above-elbow amputations in her arms, the BBC said.

Her family argued that if she had been immediately treated with antibiotics, she would not have been so sick and could have saved her limbs.

The hospital trust admitted liability in the High Court in London on Friday, Metro reported.

Gumbel described the girl as “extraordinarily brave” and said she is “managing at school to do very well academically”, according to the BBC.

According to the BBC, the family’s lawyer, Deborah Nadel, described her injuries and disabilities as “completely preventable with proper care”.

The NHS trust has accepted responsibility for the girl’s condition, Bradley Martin KC, who represented the trust, said: “There is no amount of money that can really compensate for her injuries.

The girl will receive part of the settlement in a lump sum and the rest will be paid annually for the rest of her life.

A spokesperson for the NHS trust told the BBC: “We are truly sorry for the claimant’s injuries, and we understand that no amount of money can fully compensate for them.

“However, we are pleased that the settlement has been approved, and we hope that the damages agreed will enable the plaintiff to live as independently as possible in the future.”

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